Hambleton People

Hambleton People

  • Tim Hart - Owner Tim Hart - Owner

    A mild dose of mumps in 1978 forced Tim Hart to take two weeks off from a high pressure job with Investment bankers Lehman Brothers. Uniquely qualified by a childhood in the countryside and a philosophy degree from Cambridge to do nothing in particular, he decided to become a hotelier and bought Hambleton Hall. His main role in the hotel is to indulge his enthusiasm for wine collecting and tree planting and to collect anecdotes for his forthcoming autobiography, Wittgenstein’s Souffl.

  • Stefa Hart - Owner Stefa Hart - Owner

    Tim Hart’s wife masterminds the interior design of the hotel. She has produced one of the most beautiful and glamorous hotel interiors in the UK but always claims she is most interested in comfort and practicality.


  • Chris Hurst - General Manager Chris Hurst - General Manager

    First in a long line of Hambleton General Managers to be raised in the locality, so likely to know the answer to ‘What’s the quickest route to Marston Trussell?’ or ‘Can you recommend a good pub for lunch?’ and especially ‘Where are the Fernie meeting next Wednesday?’ as he is quite likely to be amongst them. A natty dresser recognised by his immaculately cut tweed jackets.

  • Aaron Patterson - Head Chef Aaron Patterson - Head Chef

    A youthful genius who started at Hambleton in 1984 and gained useful experience with Raymond Blanc, Anton Mosiman and others before returning to Hambleton as Head Chef in 1992. He may be lured from time to time to caper about in the television studio for such shows as Here’s one I made earlier or Masterchef but his heart remains in the kitchen with his team of ten like-minded enthusiasts.

  • Graeme Matheson - Restaurant Director Graeme Matheson - Restaurant Director

    Graeme’s mum was for many years a pillar of Grete Hobbs’ team at Inverlochy Castle. Graeme started his career in that immaculate hotel but ventured south in the autumn of 1986 tempted by an offer of a temporary winter placement.
    Thank goodness the boy has never returned to the wild north and he runs the restaurant at Hambleton with a quiet and unobtrusive style that earns him the sobriquet, The Scottish Jeeves.

  • Dominique Baduel - Sommelier Dominique Baduel - Sommelier

    Dominique comes from the southwest corner of France, where his father dealt in the local cheeses. He is a very canny taster and together with the proprietor, Tim Hart, selects the wines which take up our 600 bin list.
    Dominique needs little encouragement to take guests on a tour of his cellar, where you can see a few thousand bottles waiting for your summons!