Fungi-Foray & Lunch

Saturday, 4th October 2014

Mushroom Hunt 2

Dress: Practical!
Tickets: £85.00 per person

Includes: Foray, mini fungi book,
coffee, lunch & wine. 
Location: Please meet at Hambleton Hall
for coffee at 9.30am 
Hunt:  Burley on the Hill Wood

We are looking forward to our annual mushroom hunt in Burley on the Hill Wood. Each year our team of intrepid hunters find an incredible number of mushrooms, some of which are worth eating and others which look magnificent but are deadly poisonous. Luckily mycologist Paul Nichol will be on hand to identify the ‘eaters’.  After coffee we will make the short drive
from Hambleton Hall to Burley Woods, where we will spend the morning foraging
in the hope of finding mushrooms, such as Lepista nuda – Wood blewit,
Clitocybe geotropa – Trooping funnel cap, Macrolepiota procera – Parasol mushroom
& Boletus badius – Bay bolete.  I hope that as many of you as possible will join us for the
Fungi-foray followed by lunch back at Hambleton.


Wild Mushroom Raviolo with a grappa sauce
Braised Jacobs Ladder with cèpe purée
Terrine of Pear & Blackberry with caramel ice cream