Visiting Gardens with Neil Hewertson, B.Sc.,M.I.Hort.

Wednesday, 16th June 2010
Tickets: £70.00 (inclusive of 12.5% service charge)
Start the day: 10.00am at The Old Hall, Market Overton (please arrive by 9.55am)
Estimated end to the day: 4.00pm

This years garden visit will take place on Wednesday, 16th June. Neil Hewertson who is head gardener at Stowell Park and consultant for our gardens at Hambleton and Market Overton will be in attendance to answer your questions. The day starts with coffee at 10.00am at the Old Hall Market Overton and a quick look at the Hart’s private garden. Our next stop has yet to be confirmed before returning to Hambleton for a seasonal three course lunch with wine.

After lunch there will be plenty of time to look at the Hambleton Garden and ask Neil any questions you may have.
Tickets £70.00, include garden entrance lunch and wine.