Spring Bulbs for Daffodil Haters

Added on March, 2011

Tim Hart, Hambleton Hall’s owner, has a thing about Daffodils. Especially masses of huge yellow ones planted close together. Gardeners Dan and David have been scouring the gardens for years now to root them out and throw them on the compost heap. (The heap looks quite colourful in spring!)

The daffodil allergy has lead us to look for other more subtle sources of spring colour.

Staying in the Daffodil family Triandus “petrel” and “Ice wings” are not too big and mostly white. They should be looking good in a couple of weeks. Right now the crocus (white and lilac only) are looking great along the drive and Chinodoxa, white and blue are popping out in many surprising spots and the Muscari (grape hyacinths) seem almost to prefer the most stony path margins. Next month the non- daffodil collection really hots up with tulips,and ,for shadier spots, Anemone blanda.

Topical Tip: when you plant your bulbs don’t plant in rows! Scatter them on the ground in drifts and plant them where they fall.