Fine Wine, Fine Food, Fresh Air – Stag Party

Added on March, 2011

One of my young clients is coming to Hambleton Hall this weekend for a stag-party.

The group of ten do not envisage much stagging or staggering thank God! They plan to sip a couple of magnums of Cornas 1999 from Rochepertuis which is very delicious at the moment over a very fine dinner which so far includes Crab Salad with Brown Meat Ice Cream, Cote de Boeuf (new cut for us from some top Scottish animals) and Chocolate & Olive Oil Truffle with Roast Banana.

No problems there but in case they need to blow away the cobwebs on Saturday morning they have asked me to arrange some fresh air and excitement.

My mind went back to an excursion on Rutland Water a couple of years back when I took a couple of 9 year old girls for a sail on Rutland water and when we inadvertently approached close to the shore they jumped overboard and ran away.

When I called the Rutland Watersports Centre they quickly offered to rustle up two or three sailing boats and two instructors for the very reasonable fee of £200 or £20 per stag.

I am convinced that the stags will have a great time diceing across the waves and with the professional minders in tow there will be no need to jump overboard!