AA Hospitality Awards 2010 – 2011

Added on September, 2010

The AA have announced that the Hambleton Hall Wine list gets their overall award for England, Scotland and Wales.
I am quite chuffed as I put the list together with Dominique our sommelier.

What makes a good wine list? In our case we know that it’s not rows of wines that score 100 with Robert Parker at astronomical prices.

Our greatest strength is in mature wines in the £50-£100 range many of which have sat in our cellars for 10 years or more especially from Burgundy and the Rhone. For example we still have some Chateauneuf du pape “Clos du Pape” at £78 and some Cote Rotie Jasmin 1999 at £98. Both have been big winners. We also have a wide range around £25.00-£50 reflecting real character from small producers. Dominique always has a few interesting things open for guests to drink by the glass. Today he’s got a Spanish white called “Farnadas” a kind of Albarino look-alike from Ribeiro which has lots of white peach character and a red called “Chocolate Block” from Boekenhoetskloof in S. Africa , a mighty spicy syrah!

I suppose our wine list mission is to introduce clients to great things they have not tried before and to make the business fun!
Your views welcome as always!

Tim Hart