June 2011

Added on June, 2011

I have chosen some recent shots of Aaron’s cooking to illustrate the evolution of his style which remains striking and exuberant but perhaps a trifle less complex than hitherto.
We genuinely have a seasonal kitchen and enjoy following the seasons even in months like March when Hambleton Hall, Rutland and Europe in general are not producing much and there are very few new ideas around apart from the odd wild salmon and Indian Mangoes.
Now spring is tumbling in and every day sees a new ingredient in the market, or like the wild garlic that we were using last week, in the woods!
We pass from Rhubarb to Gulls Eggs to Asparagus to Strawberries and the warm spring turned the kitchen garden green in early April with a profusion of salads, Sorrel, Chervil, Parsley and Rocket.