Winter 2013

Added on January, 2013

Traveller’s Gold and TV Triumph

Condé Nast Traveller’s February issue contains their “Gold List” of favourite hotels from around the world. The “Country Hotels” section contains only one citation for the UK and we have reproduced it below as the writer is more complimentary about us than I would dare to be!

Condé Nast provided a great start to 2013 but the old year ended well with the screening of “Britain’s Best Bakery” in the weeks before Christmas. Back on September 7th, as the shades lengthened over the magnificent herbaceous borders of Harewood House, nine chilly bakers were informed by judge Mich Turner that “Britain’s Best Bakery is ….Hambleton Bakery”.

This was the triumphant culmination ofseveral weeks filming, and numerous fiendish challenges. It was a great triumph for head baker Julian Carter and his deputy Scott Kenny and has lasting benefits. During the filming we were challenged to devise new products and a couple of them have found their way into the repertoire. The “Rutland Pippin” and “Ploughmans Parcel” have both been a big hit in our shops.

Many Hambleton guests enjoy a visit to the bakery which is only a 5 minute drive and can, of course, order bread and cakes for delivery to the hotel at breakfast time.