Spring 2009

Added on April, 2009

Keep your shoes on and phone a friend

Since the New Year, our phone has mercifully been busy. Of course, our ‘Lunch for Even Less’ promotion gets the phone going. Over the five weeks from January 19th to February 27th we expect to serve around 750 mostly local clients a delicious two course lunch for £18.50. But January will exceed our expectations for room reservations despite challenging economic conditions affecting all of our clients in one way or another.

As I was herded through the sheep pens at Luton Airport recently, a polite but firm voice instructed me to take my shoes off. This was the Eureka moment. Could it be that it’s the “sheep’n shoe” business at the airport that’s driving our loyal customers to come to us? If only these nice security people would realize that its not the ‘shoe bomber’ they need to be looking out for but the ‘boxer-short bomber”. If they could only ask us all to take our trousers off the phone really would ring!

The nearest thing we have to a sales force is our satisfied customers. That is why we have devised our ‘phone-afriend’ promotion this spring to encourage faithful supporters to spread the message.

We can guarantee bulbs of some kind from now on to enliven the winter and spring days. As I write the aconites have courageously made their first tentative appearance. The badgers are licking their lips and I have a new patent repellent. Human hair collected from the local hair salons and sprinkled on the emerging bulbs.