Superfast Broadband Coming to Hambleton

Added on January, 2011

broadband for hambleton hallOur village of Hambleton in Rutland was famous for its incredible views over Rutland water, our award winning Hotel and Restaurant, (Hambleton Hall) and appallingly slow internet access.

The views have been especially incredible this winter with the lake almost frozen over in mid December. The Hotel scooped awards for the Nation’s best wine list (The AA) as well as Best Country Hotel (Johansen’s Guide) and it looks as though our little problem for internet users is about to disappear!

The Hall’s finance director Steve Edgson bumped into three Hambleton residents at a party and all were moaning about the lack of broadband. Steve, who numbers telephony amongst his recreations, pointed out that fortuitously the Hotel had a nice, fat, fibre-optic cable with plenty of spare capacity sitting in its “comms” room. The Hotel was also fully committed to upgrading internet access for its clients.

The task of converting our sleepy backwater into the village with the fastest connection in the Midlands at first seemed quite daunting. Around 30 committed subscribers would be needed (out of a population of around 68) to make the project viable, all of them willing to pay around 300% more than they were paying for the existing service. Also, approximately £250,000 of capital was needed to install the cable to the subscribers.

Luckily for our group of enthusiasts, a few miles away in Oakham, Rutland Telecom are the experts in delivering superfast broadband solutions to rural communities and they stood ready to deliver the service if we could only raise the capital and sign up the subscribers.

In a couple of months our intrepid team closed the deal proving that fast internet access means a great deal to many villagers who can conduct much of their business from home if the infrastructure is available, and have a much better chance of finding a buyer (if they want to move house) if they can offer decent broadband speeds.

For most of our clients Hambleton Hall remains an oasis of calm in which one can escape the modern world, but if you should want to stay in touch, from March 2011 we can offer broadband speeds of around 10mb/sec for both up and down speeds, we will also have the facility to increase these speeds for special occasions if required.

Postblog! If you have noticed a man clambering around with a dish on the roof of the Hotel he is planning to beam our signal to five neighbouring villages.