Wine List

Hambleton Hall Wine List

About This List

The aim of this list is to surprise you with wines of all kinds that are the best of their type at prices which are reasonable in the context of the surroundings and service.

We buy all of the wines and everything on the list has been tasted by one or both of us with the exception of a few very expensive wines where we rely on Parker or Broadbent’s notes.

We are prejudiced in favour of the little guy, who combine a special sense of place, effort and skill to produce an individual and delicious product in small quantities.

We like to think that all of the wines on the list are ready to drink and for a number of years we have held significant unlisted stocks of Burgundy (red and white) and Rhône wines which disappear from the market if they are not snapped up in their infancy.

Much of our energy goes into finding and listing wines in the medium price range which are going to delight and surprise our clients and securing sufficient quantities of these wines so that we can forget the unsuccessful vintages.

Wines that you have never heard of are likely to offer the best value. How to find them?

If you have the nerve to venture off-piste we are ready to act as your guide, but we need a little steer about your vinous tastes. Are you generally keener on the Old World or the New, Burgundy or Rhône, Australia or South Africa, Sauvignon or Chardonnay? And if you don’t want your guests to hear you saying to us “not a penny over twenty quid” you can convey the message with “we usually drink Beaujolais” or “I was thinking of something along these lines” pointing firmly to the right hand column!

Happy Drinking!

Tim Hart,                                                   Dominique Baduel,
Proprietor                                                  Sommelier