Thursday, 21st March 2024

Apéritifs from 7.30pm
Dinner served 8.15pm
Suggested Dress: Lounge suit or similar
Dinner only: £175 per person

Lord Fowler and his wife, Fiona, are old friends of our owner Tim Hart who has persuaded Norman to return to Hambleton to talk about his book of Political Diaries “The Best of Enemies”.

The Book is an edited version of the diaries that Norman kept throughout his political career.  Since Norman is a discreet man and almost entirely devoid of political animus or spite, his earlier book of political memoirs was sometimes criticised for lacking the indiscretions which make other such works entertaining. Whilst the diaries still show Norman’s natural good nature, they are a record of how things looked at the time they were written from the centre of government throughout the Thatcher and Major years. As Norman has outlived a majority of the fellow statesmen of which he writes, one suspects that he has allowed much to remain that might have been edited a few years ago. Accordingly we are left with an unrivalled record of Mrs Thatcher herself, John Major and the political challenges that were faced and quite often overcome in the period.

Norman will talk about his book and if time allows answer questions about his fascinating political journey.


En Aperitif: Champagne René Beaudouin NV
Tortellino of Morel Mushrooms with Grappa flavoured sauce
2018 Tablas Creek Patelin de Tablas Blanc
Tuna Tartare with green tomato gazpacho
2022 Chardonnay Weisser Burgunder Loss Lehm Trocken
Loin of Launde Lamb and slow cooked belly with a rosemary flavoured sauce
2016 Chateau Villa Belair Graves
Nougat Glace with caramelised spiced pineapple
2021 Coteaux du Layon Domaine des Forges

Coffee and Chocolates