A few seasonal recommendations from Tim Hart & Dominique Baduel

NV Champagne René Beaudouin, Nogent L’Abesse
Our “House” Champagne is made from a pure Chardonnay
formula which out-tastes all but the best “ Grandes Marques”.
It is crisp, dry and elegant with enough age to have discarded
the greenness of younger wines.
£272 for 12 bottles

2015 Barbera d’Asti Nizza “Cipressi” Michele Chiarlo
We highly recommend this Barbera for lovers of Piemontese
wines as well as those who wonder what the fuss is about!
It has a lovely raspberry and tobacco nose
and very refreshing moreish palate.
£115 for 6 bottles

Two Delicious Clarets
2011 Chateau Tayet, Bordeaux Supérieure
Owned by the Belgian de Mour family who also have the excellent Haut
Breton Larigaudière. A very delicious and elegant Merlot dominated wine
with real elegance.
2014 Château Bernadotte, Haut Medoc
This is a big property in the Haut Medoc largely on gravelly soils.
The blend is mainly Cabernet Sauvignon (63%) and Merlot (35%).
We enjoyed the wine for drinking now although it could obviously
keep for 5 years or more.
It is a classy claret with finesse as well as fruit.
£100 for 6 bottles

2017 Viognier “ Isles Blanches” Cellier des Chartreuses Gard
Viognier needs to strike a balance between its exotic peach and apricot nature
and a tendency to lack acidity. This one from the Gard, hits the spot with
lovely fruit as well as appetising freshness.
£67 for 6 bottles

2016 Kumeu River Estate Chardonnay
The Brajkovitch family make some of the New World’s finest Chardonnay in
New Zealand’s North Island near Auckland. In blind tastings it frequently
defeats much grander French role-models.
£133 for 6 bottles

2015 Journey’s End Merlot
This fine Stellenbosch wine estate makes first rate Merlot with rich round
black fruit character and a degree of elegance missing from many rivals.
£100 for 6 bottles

All wines for collection only at Hambleton Hall or Hart’s, Nottingham. Prices include VAT