What a phrase, what a statement! But it’s one that we can stand by with absolute confidence.

If you’re not already in the know, Pride of Britain Hotels is a collection of independently owned boutique and luxury hotels throughout, you guessed it, Britain. With never more than 50 members, it’s a rather elite group, and it’s one we have been part of since 2013.

Pride of Britain Hotels is a diverse consortium that ranges from intimate hotels with just a handful of rooms to as-far-as-the-eye-can-see estates with rooms running into three figures. They’re located everywhere from bustling city streets to the peace and seclusion of the remote countryside. In style they could be anything from rustic chic and traditionally elegant to cutting-edge modern. Periods range from baronial, part medieval, art deco, Arts and Crafts, Georgian, Victorian and Modernist. It’s probably fair to say that the one common thread that joins this group together is a commitment to ‘the art of great hospitality’.

Each hotel is unique yet representative of hospitality, accommodation, location and a guest experience that’s quite simply, second to none. Whether you walk out of a Pride of Britain hotel to the peaceful shores of Rutland Water, as