Some time last summer Mrs Hart decreed that the beautiful decorative scheme that had served us so well in our private dining room for 24 years (with one half time renewal in 2004) was due for the chop!
Readers may well imagine the passionate remonstrances I employed to save the dear old stripes! To no avail. On January, 7th the walls were stripped and the curtains consigned to the skip.
The result of the makeover is illustrated above/below together with a view of Ben Perkins ‘Birds of Rutland Water’, a series of 18, which were commissioned specially for the room.
The bird paintings are a constant reminder of the wonderful resource on our doorstep provided by Rutland Water. Not just for bird watchers but for walkers, sailors, cyclists and fishermen.
On Thursday, 20th June, we have chartered the good ship “Rutland Belle” for the evening. Join us in trying to spot an Osprey and enjoying Aaron’s supper and a glass or two of vin Rosé.