A moment of inspiration…..

Walter Marshall, builder of Hambleton Hall in 1880 ornamented his new house with a number of appropriate mottos. For example ‘Fay ce que voudras’ (do as you please) adorns the entrance porch. ‘Nune Hora Bibendi’ (now is the time for a drink) is inscribed on the sundial on the south front.
Not to be out-done, I asked my school chum, Neill Ross to attempt an epigram on the theme ‘Sometimes I likes to sit and think…. at other times I just likes to sit….’
The brilliant result can be seen in the sitooterie on the front terrace.
For guests who are with us in reasonable weather finding a quiet and inspirational place to sit may be a priority.
I have illustrated a couple of my favourites on the front page of our latest newsletter.
Happy Sitting!

Tim Hart
Editor and Owner